Wednesday, October 28

Pacific Island Review: Kalapu Tonga Club Day

During the day from 10-6 pm Tonga Club will have a series of videos showcasing their culture in multiple ways: 10 am- Malo E Lele! Welcome to the Tongan...

Awesome Career Conversations in Humanities & Fine Arts

Join Career & Vocational Development Services as we speak with leading employers of students in Humanities & Fine Arts! We will hear from professionals about...

Virtual Event
Share the JOY: "The JOY of Citizenship"

Campus Ministry presents... Share the JOY! A "talk story" session each week with members from our community sharing stories of hope, encouragement, and...

Virtual Event
Landed Virtual Seminar

We are excited to announce a new benefit available to all benefits-elligible employees! Chaminade University has partnered with Landed ( a Bay...

Virtual Event
Creepy Halloween Cups & Halloween Safety Tips

Residents will make a Halloween cup which they can put in their door Oct. 31st and the RA will drop candy in it. Residents will also receive a safety tips...

Wednesday, October 28