Wednesday, March 29

Anime Connoisseur Club (ACC) goes to Kawaii Kon!

ACC will be inviting students to Kawaii Kon (an annual 3-day celebration of Japanese culture, anime, and pop-culture). Those who sign up would need to pay a...

Morning Relaxation Painting and Card Making with Commuter Club

Join the Commuter Club in a fun morning of card making for the elderly as a way to give back to the community and relaxing painting!

Anime Connoisseur Club (ACC) General Meeting

Join us! Learn more about the club​Meet the officersDiscuss community serviceChoose our anime(s) for the semesterTake part in our logo contest

Spring Roll Making with Restauranteers Club!

Join us on Wednesday, March 29th from 12:30pm-1:30pm in the Hale Hoaloha Center and learn how to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

Sugar Body Scrub Making with Chemistry Club

Join the Chemistry Club in making a body scrub made out of sugar! Although you can't eat it, we guarantee that this program will hit your sweet spot!

Intramural Sports Basketball Finals

Join us for the Basketball Finals! Spectators are welcome!

Wednesday, March 29