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T-Shirt Swap

Celebrating National Transfer Week with the Transfer Student Club. Bring a shirt from your previous college and we'll trade you for a Chaminade...

10/20 12:30pm
Pacific Island Review: Tao Tao Marianas Club Day

Tao Tao Marianas Club will be the following activities to kick-off PIR Week: Bendision, dance, and cooking demonstration!

10/25 6pm
Pacific Island Review: Kalapu Tonga

This is the Tongan Club presentation: live performance and recording on social media

10/27 12:30pm
Pacific Island Review: LUMANAI' O SAMOA Club Day

This specific event is dedicated to Lumana'o Samoa for Pacific Island Review Doing activities, prize giveaways, and live performances

10/27 5pm
Pacific Island Review: Filipino Club Day

This day and event is dedicated to Filipino Club Activity: Boo-bingka Bash

10/28 12:30pm

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