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Brooke Carlson

Brooke Carlson left a positive review 1/19/2017

Wonderful! The film was terrific and it was a pleasure to hear from the panel assembled. There were roughly 30 people and this was a delight. I am so delighted to this sort of community developing!

Willis Moore

Willis Moore left a review 4/28/2016

The idea of 'SILVERSWORD CINEMA' is wonderful; I hope it continues into the next term!
The actual film this time, UA MAU KE EA has excellent production values in using mostly historic materials to tell its story.
As a history professor, I have to say it is a beautiful example of "revisionist history".

Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park left a positive review 8/11/2015

This was informative and wonderful welcoming event. I really appreciated multiple perspectives from new faculty, experienced faculty, and students.

Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park left a positive review 8/13/2015

Great overview of the course redesign!

Joan Riggs

Joan Riggs left a positive review 11/9/2014

Incredible acting! This was very entertaining and caused me to want to go back and read some of Shakespeare that was not so familiar. So much information in so little time... kinda felt like a student again!