Chaminade Student Life
Transcripts and Treats

Celebrating transfer students! Transfer students can grab some treats and save $20 with a complimentary transcript from the Student Success office....

Pre-Health Alumni Panel

Are you currently a Pre-Health student? Looking for some perspective on what it means to pursue a health career? Come to our Pre-Health Alumni Panel and hear...

10/18 12:30pm
Henry Hall, Room 207
Stream Available
CSGA Fall Meet N Greet

Cone meet all the branches of the Chaminade Student Government Association at this festive and interactive Fall celebration at the Ching Conference Center...

Marianist Leadership Center Presents:  Mindfulness

Kanika Nikki Utley is a graduate of Syracuse University who served as a Producer for over 20 years on a host of acclaimed news and reality television...

T-Shirt Swap

Celebrating National Transfer Week with the Transfer Student Club. Bring a shirt from your previous college and we'll trade you for a Chaminade...

Preparing For Your Student Elevator Pitch: How To Best Tell Your Story

To prepare for the Fall 2021 30-Second Elevator Pitch Event, attend this session to get tips, ideas and practice shaping your best 30-second pitch for. Learn...

Research Opportunities with the Leadership Alliance

These fully paid summer internship programs provide opportunities for undergraduate students with training and mentoring in research. We will also discuss...

10/20 12:30pm
Henry Hall, Room 207
Stream Available
Hogan Wednesday Speaker Session with Kristin Bertilson

Kristin Bertilson, is the owner and founder of Queen B Organizing, located in Corvallis, Oregon. She is a Certified Professional Organizer and member of the...

Marianists & the Arts Program 2021-2022

Come and learn a piece of the story of Chaminade's first Marianists through the learning of the basics of Hawaiian language as they did. Registration open...

Transfer Trivia and Pizza Party

Learn how transfer students bring value to our Chaminade 'ohana. Celebrate transfers with trivia, games, prizes and pizza! This event is hosted by Admissions...

Pacific Island Review: Tao Tao Marianas Club Day

Tao Tao Marianas Club will be the following activities to kick-off PIR Week: Bendision, dance, and cooking demonstration!

Pacific Island Review: Kalapu Tonga

This is the Tongan Club presentation: live performance and recording on social media

Pacific Island Review: LUMANAI' O SAMOA Club Day

This specific event is dedicated to Lumana'o Samoa for Pacific Island Review Doing activities, prize giveaways, and live performances

Pacific Island Review: Filipino Club Day

This day and event is dedicated to Filipino Club Activity: Boo-bingka Bash

Preparing For The How To Get An Internship Event: How To Make The Most Of The Opportunity

To prepare for the Fall 2021 How To Get An Internship Event, attend this session to get tips, ideas and learn what to say when networking with professionals....